Put Your Own Mask On First

Probably the most relevant blog to not “tearing down your home with your own hands” I will have written to date.
Of course I am referring to that instruction that those of us who fly all the time, sometimes get tired of hearing. Yes we know we must. It goes against our deepest instincts. But we know we must.
This is also true for many aspects of our lives and homes.

I am not advocating selfishness here. The last time I found a selfish person someone I wanted to be with, or emulate, was probably high school.
No. We need to put our own mask on first, to be the most effective homemaker, mother, wife. And to live long enough to see our grandchildren, and maybe even help with them!
So how do we do that? I could write a loooong blog on that. In fact, my whole website is in answer to that question, bit by bit; teaching myself, first of all. But generally speaking, we must take care of our spirit, soul, and body.

How can we lead our children, and expect them to not lie to us, for example, if we have no moral compass ourselves?
How can we make good decisions that will bless our families if we are an emotional mess, or our brain is all clogged up with an overwhelming amount of things to do?
How can we take care of a sick child, or an amorous husband, if we are always getting sick ourselves, or are weak and in terrible shape, and always exhausted?

Sounds darn near impossible to avoid all that.

We might actually have to sacrifice some of the things we think we want to do, or, even worse, something someone else wants us to do.

Yes we know we must. It goes against our deepest instincts. But, yet, we know we must.

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