Peace and Joy

Why do we decorate? What do we really ultimately want? Isn’t it a feeling of peace? 

       What we all really want is peace and joy. 

       What gives us peace? When we are out in nature, watching a magnificent sunset, or a waterfall, or hearing the oceans gentle roar, we are usually filled with awe, but also a deep sense of peace. When I was going through a divorce, and was down, I used to drive to the ocean. It always put things into perspective and gave me a feeling of calm, instead of agitation.

       Of course I’m not saying, drive to the ocean and all your problems will melt away. Or decorate a room beautifully and that is going to make the rest of your life peaceful. My point is that what we really all want, ultimately, is a deep down peace, of which  joy is a close companion, and that is what, for the most part, motivates us in decorating. Hopefully the competition with our friends and enemies is not too much of a factor.

       Godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Tim. 6:6

I’m writing this blog to myself, to explain life to myself. 

       Someone asked how much John Rockefeller left when he died, and the answer was, he left it all. Paul says to Timothy we bring nothing with us into the world and we’ll take nothing when we leave. 

       Paul goes on to say if we have enough to eat and clothes on our back, be content. Well, I’m an American woman with a home  to take care of. I’m not there yet with just the food and clothes. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t ultimately strive for that, for 2 reasons:

1- The less we focus our attention down here, and the more we focus up there, the more pleasing to God we will be. And

2- You really never know what the future holds. If you lost everything, and maybe so did everyone else around you, do you want to be the person in the movie who is in a rage at the world, or bitter, or in a deep depression? Or do you want to be the heroine in the movie who picks herself up by her bootstraps, and helps everyone else around her too? I’m really talking to myself here. 

     Alrighty then. Is this going to be a blog about selling all that you own and giving it all to the poor? Or about making what home you do have beautiful and peaceful?

     Maybe a little bit of both.

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