For Troubles Without Number Surround Me

c1f8830d-4254-44c0-89ff-87416e10f319For troubles without number surround me. Ps. 40:12

Funny how I keep reading verses like this, and my pastor keeps talking about going through trials. But things are going pretty good for me! First I think, Oh no, something bad is going to happen!

And then I think of Ellie. And Lynda. 

And I suffer with them. We are all connected, after all. 

I wish they could trade their sorrow for my joy; but I will have to content myself with bearing their sorrow, as much as I am able, and pray for them, for hope to return to them.

Ellie lost her husband suddenly last week.

Lynda lost hers 11 months ago. She just found out her daughter and family  are moving halfway across the country; her son-in-law just got a dream job there.

And there go the 2 lights in her life, her two little grandchildren.

For troubles without number surround me.

But God. 

I’ve seen Him do it before. He takes a devastated heart and return hope and joy to it. I will have faith. I must have faith!  and pray that for my two friends. That same Psalm says He lifted me out of the pit of despair.

And I am grateful that I can at least pray. And pray to a God Who is there, and hears, and answers.

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